180424 RHSStone 0291ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Roseburg High Booster Club's Indian Huddle takes place this Friday, April 27, and will feature coaches and student-athletes from Roseburg's baseball, softball, track and field and boy's golf teams.

Indian Huddle takes place at noon Friday at Abby's Pizza on Stephens Street in Roseburg.

Here's a rundown of the featured guests this week:

Troy Thompson - coach
Luke Lucido (12)   
Jonathan Stone (11) 
Mason Littlefield (11)
Dave Blevins - coach
Madysn Blevins (11)  
Samie Bergmann (11)
Jordan Gibson (11)
Track & Field
Gwen Bartlett - coach
Merhawi Lake (11)
Eli Hansen (11)
Hannah Bartlett (11)
Boys Golf
Chad Smith - coach
Hunter Endicott (12) 
Josh Alexander (12) 
Bryce Thomason (10)
(Action Shots by Darla)