ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Medford Mustangs are the 2018 AAA American Legion Baseball state champions.

American Legion grass

The Mustangs faced the Mid-Valley Southpaws of Albany in the title game Wednesday at Legion Memorial Field in Roseburg and lost 6-2, but after an appeal, the Mail Tribune reports that Mid-Valley has forfeited the win due to fielding an ineligible player (the Southpaws' 6-2 win is now noted as a "9-0 loss" in the state's official records).

The season continues for the Mustangs, who now advance to the regional instead of the Southpaws.

Medford will open the NW Region-7 Tournament on Wednesday, Aug. 8, at 8:30 a.m. against the Washington state champion.

It's Medford's 5th straight Oregon state title.

The host team, Roseburg's Dr. Stewart's, were eliminated after suffering two 1-run losses tio begin the double-elimination tourney.

The Docs lost both games to siimilar scores, 4-3 to Corvallis and 4-3 to Hillsboro.

Here's a rundown of the AAA post-season in Oregon:



(Double-Elimination Bracket)

Saturday, July 28 – Wednesday, August 1

At Roseburg (Legion Memorial Field)

Tournament teams (record entering tournament)

Hillsboro Barbers (28-10) (Area 2 No. 1)

Mid-Valley Southpaws (Albany) (23-14) (Area 3 No. 1)

Medford Lithia Dodge Mustangs (37-9) (Area 4 No. 1)

Roseburg Dr. Stewart’s (22-20) (host)

Beaverton Post 124 (29-6) (Regional A winner)

Dallas Post 20 Dirtbags (34-10) (Regional B winner)

Corvallis Gerding Builders Marketmen (24-18) (Regional C winner)

Salem Withnell Dodgers (26-16) (Regional D winner)

July 28 - First Round

Game 1: Medford Lithia Dodge Mustangs 2, Beaverton Post 124 1

Game 2: Dallas Post 20 Dirtbags 10, Hillsboro Barbers 8

Game 3: Mid-Valley Southpaws (Albany) 5, Salem Withnell Dodgers 2

Game 4: Corvallis Gerding Builders Marketmen 4, Roseburg Dr. Stewart’s 3

July 29

Game 5: Salem Withnell Dodgers 9, Beaverton Post 124 6 (Beaverton Post 124 eliminated)

Game 6: Hillsboro Barbers 4, Roseburg Dr. Stewart’s 3 (Roseburg Dr. Stewart’s eliminated)

Game 7: Medford Lithia Dodge Mustangs 12, Mid-Valley Southpaws (Albany) 0

Game 8: Dallas Post 20 Dirtbags 12, Corvallis Gerding Builders Marketmen 2

July 30

Game 9: Mid-Valley Southpaws (Albany) 3, Hillsboro Barbers 2 (Hillsboro Barbers eliminated)

Game 10: Corvallis Gerding Builders Marketmen 10, Salem Withnell Dodgers 2 (Salem Withnell Dodgers eliminated)

Game 11: Medford Lithia Dodge Mustangs 1, Dallas Post 20 Dirtbags 0

July 31

Game 12: Mid-Valley Southpaws (Albany) 6, Dallas Post 20 Dirtbags 5 (Dallas Post 20 Dirtbags eliminated)

Game 13: Corvallis Gerding Builders Marketmen 7, Medford Lithia Dodge Mustangs 6 (9 innings)

August 1

Game 14: Mid-Valley Southpaws (Albany) 4, Corvallis Gerding Builders Marketmen 3 (Corvallis Gerding Builders Marketmen eliminated)

Game 15: Medford Lithia Dodge Mustangs 9, Mid-Valley Southpaws (Albany) 0 (forfeit) (Mid-Valley Southpaws [Albany] eliminated, Medford Lithia Dodge Mustangs are state champion and advance to Northwest Regional)