ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Umpqua Valley Gymnastics team hosted the 29th Annual Anne Patterson Riverside Classic gymnastics meet, Saturday February 22, 2020.

200222 Riverside Classic 02

The Douglas Hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds hosted the nearly 300 gymnasts from all over Oregon in teams that competed in levels 1-9 as well as Xcel recreation groups.

The host team had athletes compete in the first session at level 3. The team placed third, and several gymnasts performed well.

200222 Riverside Classic 01

“Quinn Farrell had a really good meet; she scored a personal best all around score of 37.5, placing 2nd all-around for the Middle B group, Level 3," said Coach Mandy Spencer. "Brooklyn Thomas had a personal best on floor of 9.525, taking 2nd place in the Middle B group. Another athlete scoring her personal best on the level 3 team include Aleyah Vincent on vault with 9.55 placing 2nd in the older group.”

Mackenzie Snow took 2nd place on floor for the Older group, with a 9.325.

200222 Riverside Classic 04

Level 4 highlights included a personal best on the balance beam for Madison Exceen, middle group, with a 9.225, taking 4th place. Madison had a great meet, tying for 3rd on the uneven bars with 9.2, tying for 4th on floor with 8.8, taking 3rd place all-around with 35.65.

Kaia Pinsondumm, middle group in level 4, did well on the balance beam, taking 3rd place with a 9.3.

200222 Riverside Classic 05

In Level 5, Story Ann Rael, in the older group, tied for 1st place on the uneven bars with 9.15, took second on the balance beam with 9.4, and took 3rd all-around.

Levels 6-9 were scored as a team and the host took 3rd place.

200222 Riverside Classic 08

Amy Whitney, level 6, younger group, had a fantastic meet, organizers said. Amy took 1st place all-around with 35.65, tied for 1st on the vault and balance beam, tied for 2nd on the floor, and took 4th on the uneven bars. Also in level 6, younger group, Olivia Mecham tied for first on the vault with 8.65, took 4th all-around, 5th on uneven bars and balance beam, and tied for 5th on the floor with 9.0. Teammate Oliva Bishop, also in the younger group of level 6, did well on the uneven bars scoring 8.65 to take 3rd.

200222 Riverside Classic 06

Level 8 gymnasts had some exceptional results as well, including Giavanna Tatone, Skylar Pinsondumm, and Caroline Train all qualifying for state with an all-around score of above 33. All three gymnasts earned their personal best all-around scores: Giavanna 33.525; Skylar 34.4; Caroline 35.725.

Skylar won the Vault in the older group of level 8 with an 8.5. She also took 2nd on balance beam, third all around, and fourth on both uneven bars and floor. Madison Turner had a great floor routing taking 3rd with a 9.15. Madison sang the National Anthem at the start of the first session of the day. Also in level 8, older group, Megan Moyo won the balance beam with 9.275, and took second on floor with a 9.35.

200222 Riverside Classic 03

UVG's team gymnast in the level with the most difficult skills is Malia Narciso. Malia placed 2nd on the vault with 8.8, tied for 2nd on the uneven bars with 8.15, and took second all-around with 34.2, a score that's above the qualifying requirement to compete in the state meet (33).

(Info & images courtesy Dana Cox)