osaacirclecolorjpg.jpgThe OSAA Foundation has reunited with the Oregon Sports Authority Foundation to help students around the state participate in activities.  The Oregon Sports Authority Foundation has granted $10,000 for the 2010-11 school year towards the Student Assistance Program.

“We are very excited to have the Oregon Sports Authority Foundation join us in helping underserved students around the state,” said OSAA Foundation President Tom Welter.  “In these economic times, students are facing more challenges than ever trying to participate in high school activities.  The Oregon Sports Authority, the OSAA, and the OSAA Foundation understand how incredibly important it is for students to participate in extracurricular activities. We are grateful for this partnership to help those students get on the field of play.”

“We are delighted to join hands once again with the OSAA to provide deserving high school youth throughout Oregon the opportunity to participate in sports.  We know that our partnering with OSAA will provide greater access to sports programs and a healthier lifestyle for Oregon youth,” said Oregon Sports Authority CEO Drew Mahalic.

The $10,000 received will help purchase shoes and apparel for student-athletes around the state, relieving pressure upon families to purchase these items on their own.  The OSAA Foundation is striving to gain additional funding for this program.  Application for this program can be found at www.osaa.org/publications.